Tuckpointing Sydney

tuckpointing-sydney-buildingThe time has come to address that brickwork you have been avoiding that’s old, damaged and ugly. On Sydney Painting and Sydney Tuckpointing, we specialise in revitalising brickwork that has lost its original appeal and has become more of an eyesore than a feature. With a team of experienced professionals and the necessary know-how at our disposal, we can get any wall looking like new and attracting the eye of any guest.

Tuckpointing is the process of choosing two high contrast colours and applying on the edge of the brick and in the mortar gaps to create the illusion of smaller joins. This helps repair the surface while producing a much neater aesthetic that looks as good as new. We have all the tools and expertise for quality tuckpointing Sydney, and can achieve a much more refined appearance without the complications of a completely new wall.

A simple way to put the life back in your walls with tuckpointing Sydney

This is a common technique that is used worldwide — a well-known example is the contrasting dark mortar and white fillets of 10 Downing Street in London, the residence of the UK Prime Minister. It is a perfect example of how tuckpointing can be used to improve appearance and achieve high impact through careful use of colour. Many other structures in Sydney and across the world have used this technique, particularly heritage buildings, for a simple but effective way to revitalise any façade.

If you are looking for quality Sydney tuckpointing or need repairs or replacements for parts of the wall, trust the professionals to provide prompt and professional service and enjoy a beautiful result. We offer our services on the North Shore and can go further by request — to find out more, give us a call on 0421 468 323 or fill out our contact form.