4 Common Graffiti Removal Methods by Commercial Painters

Posted on September 14, 2016

Graffiti is something you would often come across on public walls, bridges, etc. where people make use of permanent spray paints to create caricatures. This is often referred to as vandalism or creating art forms that are termed illegal in several countries. For those who are protestors, political rivals, etc. creating such graffiti includes hate slogans or quotes that are demeaning in nature is something normal that they intend to be famous for. These are often performed at night or when no one is around to monitor their actions. Quite often, these are disturbing to the eye, and the removal gets difficult as there is permanent ink used for it.

During such times, taking professional help for the removal is a better option rather than making it a DIY task. The professionals for Commercial Painting in Sydney are known to be equipped with all possible cleaning equipment and depending on the need for the removal they make use them. The size, the type of paint used, etc., determine the use of the cleaning equipment. Here are a few standard removal methods used by the professionals.

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  • Repainting the wall – The safest and the fastest way of graffiti removal would be repainting it. It not just covers the graffiti but also gives the wall a better and a neater look as that of before. Choose the wall colour that was already present or making use of a different colour would ensure that the wall gets back its sheen. Making use of multiple colours and hiring professionals for strata painting Sydney can be of great help.
  • Sandblasting – This includes the usage of sand with water and spraying on the wall that needs paint removal. The abrasive nature of sand is likely to get the paint removed with ease. This is time-consuming as with a single spray the paint doesn’t seem to come off. For darker colours, one has to keep the spraying machine active for long especially on the areas that have stubborn colours. Sandblasting is something that people do not prefer much because of the allergy that it tends to create with the dust generated by the sand spray.
  • Blasting with water – Experts on strata painting in Sydney are often overheard stating that there are times when repainting the wall may bring about conflicts or may not serve the purpose if it was initially a wall without any paint. The use of chemicals may at time damage the structure of the wall and therefore there is the used of water blasting methods. Water blasting includes the use of water along with abrasives such as fine glass sprayed through a high powered spraying machine. This strips the wall off the paint, and there are no traces noticed of the paint. There is no harm caused to the one performing the task, and the task can be conducted with ease. It is time-consuming, but the results are impeccable.
  • Making use of chemical solvents – If the graffiti has been there on the wall for long, the paint is likely to have settled well. Its removal would be a tough procedure and therefore, the use of chemicals surfaces. These are harmful if it comes in contact with the skin and therefore, Commercial Painters in Sydney for painting and graffiti removal ensure that they take necessary steps to ensure the fact that there is no harmed caused to them with the task is being conducted.